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Digital Brigade VIP Services

Delegate optimization of your customer acquisition process to our “digital brigade” and prepare the winning recipe to increase your income.


Our brigade participates in your growth’s goal by reducing frictions, eliminating silos and integrating high-end digital tools.

Let our inbound and programmation experts automatize your structure process and make yourself comfortable: Give us keys to your success.


A VIP formula all-in-one, custom made to answer YOUR digital business needs.

Our fully oriented approach to your concerns and goals, allow us to deploy the best strategy for your business. Our VIP services, assured by our “digital brigade”, will leave no detail of your problem without reliable solutions.

Our brigade works in partnership with various tools and powerful services in order to ensure you best results.


VIP pass: We help you to become the main actor of your growth

As in each good recipe, ingredient’s quantities differ depending on the number of invited guests. Besides, when we talk about HubSpot CRM, the principle is the same: due date and your project’s budget change depending on desired results, time that you have devoted to project and data’s amount that are shared with our experts team.

All our “à la carte” services are applying according to HubSpot modules that you have chosen to integrate.


Analysis & Digital Audits

Through custom’s services of our digital experts brigade, forget about all paperworks and opt for a digital approach at 100% or almost.

  • Business Process Audit

  • Paperless / Digital Business Bureau

  • Diagnosis and Digital adoption plan

  • Data, KPI, indicators, dashboard and report

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Digital Optimization Strategy

Decided to simplify your various management processes? Our VIP services are made for you. Our teams help you implement solutions allowing you to optimize your management at all levels, but also to save you time.

  • Administrative Management Process Optimization Strategy

  • Project Management Process Optimization Strategy

  • Document Management Process Optimization Strategy

  • Security Optimization Strategy

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Developpement of Custom Solution

Our ambition: Give you service that fits best with your needs and your business structure. Our “digital brigade” assists you in choosing the right tools to implement within your organization and also provides personalized training.

  • Data management (import, export, connection and data mapping)

  • Customized programming of your tools

  • Installation and configuration

    • Google Workspace
    • PandaDoc
    • Secure Exchanges
    • Lastpass
    • Creation of automation and workflow
  • Personalized training: in the form of support

    • Safety: 10 Commandments
    • Google Workspace

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